How One Simple Web Solution Can Make a Difference in Your Business

(and help you leap over the competition)

simple web solution

If the Internet and all its technologies have gotten you confused – you are in good company.  And it’s no wonder that the fast pace of technology and the pressure to use it in their businesses, business owners often do quite the opposite about it.  Nothing.


Because your main focus should be – and rightfully so – your business: how to grow it, the quality of services and/or products you provide, customer service, business financials.  The works.

And yet we are sure you recognize that the Internet is changing the face of business landscape fast.  Most searches for a product or service – even if purchased at a store – start online: the search engines (Google), recommendation sites (Yelp), video directories (YouTube), friends recommendation (Facebook) and others.

If one proclaimed “adapt or perish”, would they be exaggerating? Well, just ask the loyal customers of bookseller Borders.

What to do?

At Real X Simple we have realizes there i justs too much information business owners need to digest to keep up.  We have therefore created a simple yet effective strategy:

Simple Web Solutions – one at a time

Instead of suggesting a whole bunch of advance methods which are hard to track and see the benefit of, we focus at any point in time on one web solution that is

  • Simple to understand
  • Simple to implement
  • Simple to integrate into your existing business
  • Simple to measure results
  • Simple to pay for
  • Simple for your customers to use
  • And most importantly – simple to profit from

You see, we believe that if something is simple people will use it.  If it is complicated to understand or operate, they won’t.  Simple, no?

simple web solutionUsing the web for your business

Analyzing where the Internet and a business – any business – can come together, we have found the following major areas.


Do you have a place that represent you business?   Do they carry credibility for your business? These are your web assets and may include a web site, Facebook page, Twitter page, and a Mobile web site.


Do web browsers and searcher come to your web assets?  Can they find you on the search engines (free traffic), advertising (paid traffic), video sites (YouTube) , and even offline methods like fliers, postcards, and word of mouth?  How about Groupon campaigns and other coupons / specials methods?

Lead capture and generation

Of the people who came through any of the traffic channels mentioned above – do you get their details for future follow up, and/or for your sales people to start a dialog with them?  Traffic can be expensive.  Why waste it?

Conversion to customers

Not every lead will become a customer.  Increasing the percentage of those who do become one reduces the cost per lead (your marketing expenses), and increases your sales.

Customer retention and profit per customer

Once you have a customer, why not offer more services or products to them?  It can increase the frequency in which they buy from you, as well as the amount they spend with your business each time.

A Simple Web Solution for each area

The first thing to do, of course, is to identify the areas that need improvement.  That’s the diagnosis. Then provide a proven and simple web solution that will solve the problem.
And of all the areas that may need improvement and possible solutions – which one is the best to implement first so that your business experiences:

  • Fast results
  • Increased profitability (which includes the cost of implementing the simple web solution)

That is all, as simple as that.

Simple Web Solutions

What to do next

We are not mind readers but we are very good “doctors”.  Once we diagnose together with you the areas of your marketing that need improvement, we will know what to offer you.

We are not here to waste your money on the next “Internet  shiny object” that comes along almost every day, but rather to find real solutions to real problems.

Primarily, the solutions we identify and propose are designed to make you more money than what you spend on them.  We know you must be thinking “well this is basic” and it is.  Yet we say that because this is our core mission:

Make you more profitable than you were prior to meeting us

In order to do that we need you ask you a few questions.  We can do it over the phone, or in a meeting.  It’s free consultation we provide to our prospective clients in which we can both learn if there is a good fit.  To do that, please contact us to schedule a 15-30 minute session.  We can almost guarantee that even in this short conversation you will learn a few things about Internet Marketing that you did not know before.  From that point of view your time is invested rather than wasted.

Call us today so that we can put your marketing efforts on the path to profitability.


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